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Sinkhole Repiar & Filling Anchorage, AK


Sinkhole Repair and Filling for Anchorage

Sink holes may develop anywhere at any time without warning. Sinkholes are caused by variety of natural or man-made causes. Sinkholes are unsightly and dangerous. Our professional sink hole remediation service includes an initial exploratory excavation of the sinkhole to determine the cause of collapse; then filling the cavity in lifts with compactable Rocky fill material; then compacting each layer. Finally, we restore the surface to its original condition.Complete sinkhole repair and remediation for Anchorage.

____________Sink Hole Repair & Filling Service____________

Sink Holes in Alaska        Hole Filling Alaska


Sinkhole Repairs

♦ Exploratory Sinkhole Excavation

♦ Backfill hole with Rocky Material in Lifts

♦ Compaction of Backfill in Layers

♦ Restore Service to Its Original Condition

♦ Professional and Permanent fix

♦ Repair of all Types of Sinkholes


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