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Foundation Waterproofing Anchorage, Alaska


Alaska Foundation Water Proofing and French Drain Systems

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Foundation water proofing can save thousands of dollars on home repairs and replacement costs of floors, walls and furnishings.  Foundation water proofing can also eliminate the health hazards of mold and mildew and save thousands of dollars on mold removal and de-contamination.


French Drain System For Waterproofing Foundations in Anchorage, Alaska

Masters hand landscaping procedure for installing foundation water proofing and French drain system.

*Excavation of foundation to bottom of footers.
*Thorough hand cleaning of foundation.
*Roller application of liquid sealer primer.
*Sealing of all joints, top edges, cracks and along junction of foundation wall and footer.
*Installation of rubberized water-seal sheeting, specifically designed for foundations.
*Install hard foam insulation around entire perimeter to insulate and protect water-seal barrier.
*Install permeable nylon web fabric along base of footer.
*Install 4" perforated pipe covered with silt barrier "sock".
*Bury pipe with approx. 1 foot deep of 2" drain rock.
*Enclose rock and pipe with Typar fabric to keep silt out of pipe.

*Back-fill excavated soil in layers.
*Establish positive grade away from foundation.
*Connect to subsurface drainage pipe which daylight exits.


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